Gay Hating Imam Speaks To Swedish Young Muslims

Muslims become upset when a cartoonist draws pictures they regard as insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, but, for some reason, they never become upset when people of their religion insult other groups. The Swedish Young Muslims wanted a speaker for their annual conference and asked Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick from the United States to share his ideas with the group. As it turns out, the Sheikh has termed Jews, “dirty people” and advocated the execution of homosexuals, ideas which certainly are not popular with many non-Muslims. A head of Sweden’s gay-lesbian group was shocked that a Muslim group which supposedly stood for equal rights would invite such a man of hate to speak at their conference.

As of this date, the only comment from the Young Muslims is they were not entirely familiar with the ideas of the Sheikh. Huh? You invite people to speak and do not know what they will be saying?

  • http://theimpudentobserver nashitah kareemah

    I compleatly agree, if you invite anyone to any function. you should know what they are about.seems to me they knew exactly what he was about. perhaps the feelings he addressed were mutual. and perhaps they used him to express it.of course until it was ridiculed. then they acted if they were ignorant to the fact. they were ignorant,but not to the fact. p.s. i’m a muslim sister.