Gay Is Not The Goal Of Some Americans

The war against being gay continues in certain regions of the United States of America. Oklahoma and Utah both are led by people who regard allowing those who are gay and lesbian to marry somehow violates their sense of what God intended when He created the Earth about 11,000 years ago. OK, the dinosaurs are no longer with us and Fred Flintstone and family are long since gone, but the memory of Cro-Magnons and their fellow Neanderthals who refused to allow those of the same sex to marry in a good Christian ceremony still lives in the hearts of people in Oklahoma and Utah. We all know that God created the cro-magnons and HE made clear to them that no same sex marriage was to be allowed. If it was good enough for God 11,000 years ago, it is good enough for we Americans today. Some Federal judge just declared the anti-gay law of Oklahoma to be unconstitutional and his decision is headed for the Supreme Court.

Frankly, at a time of increasing poverty for Americans, a time when decent paying jobs are increasingly difficult to get, what people of the same sex do or do not do, is hardly on the minds of most Americans. Perhaps, if the energy employed to prevent gay marriage was challenged into the drive to end poverty in America, this might be a land that truly represents the desires of God.