Gay KKK Members Bother Catholics

We live in an era in which those whose hearts are filled with hate and anger feel perfectly OK blasting opponents with wild charges of hate and anger. Over seventy years ago, the KKK was fairly strong in many parts of America and they not only hated black skinned people, but had enough hate for Catholics, Jews, and immigrants. A gay parade was planned in Chicago, and its route would pass by a Catholic church while members were at prayer. Chicago Cardinal Francis George condemned the parade  as similar in tone to those old time KKK anti-Catholic rallies.

Exactly how a  group of people walking in the street interrupt those at prayer inside a building somehow escapes my understanding of reality.  The good Cardinal apologized for hurting the feelings of anyone.

If you want to make Fox News this evening , just attack someone as a Nazi, Socialist, Communist, devil-worshipper, or whatever.

P.S. Sorry Cardinal, but some of those gay folk marching in the street are Catholics!