Gay Leaders Ask Medvedev Assistance

The Moscow organizers of a gay pride parade have appealed to newly elected President Dimitry Medvedev to help circumvent a ban by the city of Moscow against such a demonstration. A City Hall representative said the activities of gay leaders were “not worth a damn.” The Moscow LGBT Aliance asked the president to intervene on their behalf. “We, the leaders of the LGBT community of Russia, appeal to you for help in defending our rights as citizens, and bring an end to discrimination against sexual minorities on the part of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov.”

The reaction of deputy Mayor Vladmir Resin, exemplified the anti-gay attitude of the mayor of Moscow. After saying he didn’t give a damn about gays, he added: “Construction takes up all my strength, and what’s left needs to be spent on women.”

A tragedy of the new Russia is maintenance of old Soviet attitudes toward gay and lesbian rights. It is doubtful if Medvedev;s response will be very different from the bigots who control Moscow’s government.