Gay Nights At Vatican?

The world media is having a field day with reports from the Vatican concerning members of the ceremonial guard and the choir being involved in a gay prostitution ring along with indications Vatican consultants are part of a corruption scandal involving city construction contracts. Let us offer a defense of Pope Benedict. He presides over a somber group of men who dress in elaborate costumes and sit quietly with pensive faces as they discuss critical issues such as what the Hell to do with priests involved in sex scandals. It is only fitting that some gay news get into the Vatican which can bring smiles to those worried faces. The fact Pope Benedict is surrounded by men who are corrupt only proves the pontiff is a man of the people. The fact gays surround him on his walks is welcome and cheerful news to all.

We await news of women in the Vatican since it is apparent the men of the cloth simply could use some dresses around to lighten up the mood and get everyone in contact with the real world.