Gay Protester May Face Jail Time

Once upon a time there was a professor who taught Constitutional law and urged students to come away from the course with respect for human rights. Ah, that was once upon a time, but now the professor is president of the United States and his office has now become a bastion of opposing human rights in this nation. A gay former Army officer, Dan Choi, was among a group of 13 protesters in November 2010 who handcuffed themselves to a White House fence in order to express their anger at the infamous, “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy.

Choi was discharged from the military in 2003 for being gay. Ordinarily, people who protest at the White House, at best, face a local court and a fine. But, these people were sent to a federal court where they could get jail time. The other protesters pleaded guilty and paid fines. Choi argues he could not hear the police due to crowd noise.

The real issue is why are any of these people charged with anything. They protested, handcuffed themselves, the handcuffs were removed and they went home. Why not leave it  like that?