Gay Rights Create Sad Results

Foreign aid has been a policy of the United States for over seventy years, but as gender changes arise in America it raises issues of to which extent what is believed moral in the United States should be demanded as moral in other nations. Uganda currently is discussing new laws which make homosexuality a crime. Most Muslim nations do not recognize gay and lesbian rights. Does the United States have the right to demand those nations seeking its economic assistance should abide by our ideas regarding gay  rights?

President Obama has made known his views. “The struggle to end discriminatin agaisnt lesbian, gay and bisexual and transgender(LGBT) is a global challenge and one that is central to the United States’ commitment to promote human rights.” Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry challenged the president by arguing promoting “gay rights is not in America’s interests and is not worth a dime of taxpayer money.”

There is scant doubt it is impossible for the US to compel most countries which discriminate against LBGT without causing enormous political problems. Perhaps, the best strategy is to work for expansion of LBGT rights through persuasion and education.