Gay Spies Are Kosher In Spy Business

American conservative political leaders are adamant in opposing use of gay or lesbian soldiers in our armed forces. Apparently, there is a belief that gay soldiers would use a combat experience when all eyes are fixed on the enemy as a chance to shove their dick into the butt of a comrade. Or, lesbians could kiss and caress one another as bullets fly about. It is good news that England’s prime secret service does not share this idea. Security Service M15 is now listed as Britain’s most gay-friendly employers.

Jonathan Evans, director general of M15 is pleased at being ranked so high, and promises there is still more work to be done in order to make the Security Service “a truly inclusive place to work.” He went on to promise “we will continue to  support lesbian, gay and bisexual staff to make M15 a truly inclusive place to work.”

I think Fox News should get on this story. How can we Americans allow the UK to send gay and lesbian secret agents to our shores? If gays are around, how can any God fearing American secret agent turn his back?