Gay Time In Colorado

It  was just a few short years ago that the state of Colorado was firmly in the hands of decent conservative God fearing people, but today, the once solid state of Christianity has been seized by forces of the Devil himself. Colorado legislators passed laws allowing people to smoke a bit of pot, and now they have passed legislation that allows gay unions. Yesterday, no same-sex marriage and today, free love is the norm. Colorado’s law allows gay couples rights similar to marriagee, including parental rights. Naturally, Republicans opposed the new law.

Now, America understands why  the defeat of Mitt Romney was simply the first step toward the end of a Christian America. OK, so Mitt was a Mormon, which some Christians do not believe is the same as a Christian. But, in his heart Mitt understood we must stand fast against those forces seeking to end the American way of life.

What next? Free higher education for all Americans!!