Gay Time In Service

Ah, it was only a few months ago that members of the military who were gay had to adopt a somber sad face in order to avoid being asked to cease having an opportunity to serve their nation. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta wants to have a special focus on gay and lesbian troops in order to highlight changes that have occurred. Captain John Kirby says “it’s important to recognize the professionalism of gay and lesbian troops.”

I have a  hunch there are members of the Republican party who are still upset that President Obama not only wants men to marry men and women to marry women, but he also wants those in combat to be forced to make love while in combat. Let’s face it. Obama wants America to be one gay place rather than have somber sad looks on our face. He wants men and women to go into battle in teams of men-women rather than men with men. If marriage is truly a man marrying a woman shouldn’t combat be the same??