Gay Times About Gay Rights

Recent events have now made clear to those who are gay or lesbian and serve in the armed forces the government is going to protect their rights while in the military. However, a slight problem has arisen. A draft proposal from the Pentagon would compel gay couples to get married in order to qualify for marriage benefits. Problem-many are stationed in states that do no allow gay marriage. Solution? Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is proposing that any gay couples be given a ten day pass to go to a state which allows gay marriage. Currently, there are 13 states that allow gay marriage. Of course, more will soon change their laws to allow such action. We are now into the phase of arguing over rights. Some gay couples complain they have used up their travel days and thus do not have time to use the ten day special opportunity.

OK, the plan is not perfect. OK, the plan requires additional expenditure of money. NO PLAN IS PERFECT! You might have to wait a few months to get the travel time! Wow! I long for a time when those granted equal rights will accept the change and cease arguing over minor issues. You will be able to marry and remain in the service. THAT is the key point!