Gay Times At Sochi For Gay Haters

The decision to have winter Olympic Games held in the Russian city of Sochi is shocking to anyone who believes world wide competition must always be conducted in an atmosphere in which respect for human rights are paramount. Allowing Communist China to hold Olympic games even though that society represents the contrary to every condition of human rights was bad enough, but to allow Vladimir Putin and his gangs of anti-homosexuals to wander the streets of Russia attacking and humiliating gays an lesbians has no other rationale other than money in the pockets of those who are responsible for these games. Channel C4 in England will shortly release a documentary called, HUNTED which depicts how gangs of thugs openly are attacking and beating people they consider to be homosexuals or engaged in the act of Paedophilia.

The documentary reveals that two major groups in Russia, “Parents of Russia,” and “Occupy Paedophilia” use the Internet to lure unsuspecting men and women who are then beaten, publicly humiliated and made to perform insulting acts while people jeer them. The men who engage in this violence are quite content to have their faces revealed because they are acting in the name of Vladimir Putin, the pseudo dictator of Russia.

Why are the Olympics in this Nazi tainted Country??