Gay Times In Arkansas

Sixty years ago this month the United States Supreme Court in the Brown vs Board of Education decisions ruled that segregated schools violated the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. My teacher, Dr. Kenneth Clark, was the author of psychological studies which the Court cited in order to justify the concept that “separate but equal” schools never were since they inevitably taught children that some were more superior than others. Yesterday in the city of ‘Eureka in the state of Arkansas, a county clerk issues the first marriage certificate to a gay couple. Earlier, Judge Chris Piazza had ruled that state laws banning gay marriages had no rational basis. In one sense, his decision is the only logical outcome of Brown vs Board of Education in 1954.

It is evident some in America view with horror the thought that gay men or women can or should marry. This hysteria simply reflects how we learn very early in life to hate or to love our fellow humans. It is doubtful if anyone in the state of Arkansas will witness a great calamity because two men got married. The world will go on as it has since 1954.