Gay Times In Nepal!

The Nepal resort town of Pokhara was the scene of dancing men and women displaying  beads and other ornaments as they sang the song of freedom and respect for gay rights. They played Bollywood songs, sang, and urged onlooking folk to hear their words of accepting gays and lesbians as citizens of the nation. the Nepal Supreme Court in 2008 ruled there was need for a new certificate that recognized the citizenship of gays and lesbians.

Suni Babu Pant of the Blue Diamond Society, which fights for rights of minorities, told the media “there are more and more people coming out in the open and this rally gives them a choice” to make clear their goals for equality. They want a same-sex marriage law.

There are reports Chick-Fil-A has withdrawn plans to open a store in Nepal since to do so would insult God. The Lord has made clear his/her concern for a world without gay rights.

FLash! Mitt Romney has pledged to go to Nepal if elected in order to show support for those opposing gay rights!! Mitt told the media: “I am not afraid to defy the Nepal vote in America by standing tall against gay rights.!!”