Gays And Lesbians Can Marry In California

Republicans who have grabbed the limelight by coming out against allowing citizenship for children born of illegal immigrants, will have a field day now that Federal Judge Vaughn Walker declared California’s ban on gay and lesbian marriage is in violation of the Constitution. Frankly, I do not understand how anyone can deny the right of Americans to halt the spread of homosexuality. Yes, gays and lesbians can fight for their country, yes, gays and lesbians can die for their country, yes, gays and lesbians can create a more dynamic American economy, but do all those things count? After all, we Americans have a God-given right to act foolishly. I do not see anywhere in the Constitution where it clearly states gays and lesbians can marry. Therefore, since they don’t have Constitutional rights to marry, how can they marry? Then again, nor does it say black folk can marry white folk. Our Founding Fathers were a bunch of white guys who locked themselves in a room. How come they did not have women folk in the room? Could it be, they were a bunch of gay guys?

The Republican Party argues it places the Constitution on a pedestal, unlike President Barack Obama. I assume since a federal judge says gay and lesbian marriages are Constitutional, Sarah and Rush and Bill and other right wing kooks, will go along with the decision. I just want to warn followers of St. Sarah Palin, first they let gays and lesbians marry, then they let children of illegals become citizens, next the Obama administration will state that those born in Alaska are not Americans!!