Gays Dangerous To Children Health!

In the old days, the city government of Moscow banned gay rallies on ground they were satanic demonstrations, but the city fathers have uncovered a new reason to be against gays. City Hall rejected a gay request to stage an education rally about the history of attitudes toward homosexuality on grounds any such public display of such information would “damage the psychological health of children!” Gay rally leaders were informed by City Hall that allowing such public demonstrations would violate Russia’s international obligations to protect the rights of children. GayRussia said city officials noted, “it may impact psychological health and inflict moral damage on children and teenagers who were to become witnesses to the event.” Oh, at the same time city officials gave permission for a 3,000 member rally that wants to take a stand against “sexual perversion.”

No one is surprised at this decision. After all, Vladmir Putin, the former KGB man is prime minister of the country. He imprisons those who dare oppose his views on life, but it is gratifying to know Putin and his buddies are anxious to protect children. God Bless Him.