Gays Forced Into Marriage!

On one hand, religious centered people oppose the concept of gays marrying, but, on the other hand, when it comes to their son or daughter they want to make certain he/she marries someone of the opposite sex. They are not opposed to gay marriage, but they are opposed to a gay person marrying someone of the same sex. The Forced Marriage Unit in the government of England has received an upsurge of messages from men who are being forced by parents to get married if there is the slightest sign the young man might be gay. One man described being locked in a room and beaten each day by his father until he agreed to marry a nice girl back in Pakistan. Most callers are of Pakistan background although some are from India. A majority of calls come from males in the age bracket 15-24 although the FMU even received a call from a teenager who was taken to Pakistan and engaged to his five year old cousin.

There is something bizarre about the entire anti-gay marriage from people who believe fervently in the institution of marriage. These individuals believe so devoutly in the institution of marriage they even want a five year old to get ready for it.