Gays Of India To Openly March For Rights

Homosexuality is illegal in India which adheres to strict religious ideas regarding sexual relations. For the first time, gays and lesbians in India have decided to march openly in an effort to call attention to their need for rights. Hundreds of individuals in several cities will participate in global gay pride events. Lesley Esteves, a gay activist, notes “that the march is happening now and not before is an indication that people are finally feeling brave enough to come out for that kind of celebration. It is only now that we feel we have the numbers to do this.”

Although homosexuality is illegal, few are actually arrested because most gays and lesbians keep it quiet and avoid making public their sexual orientation. They are aware of the lack of legal protection against discrimination and must be guarded in the manner in which they deal with their values. Many gays believe the number of TV programs and movies depicting gays and lesbians has helped deal with public awareness of the issue.