Gaza On Israel’s Angry Mind

Gaza, Gaza, Gaza, when will the madness cease and peace be restored to the people of that unfortunate area of this world. We are now at the stage of “you fired the first shot, no, you fired the first shot,” a scenario which has no end. The Israel air force launched attacks on Gaza that resulted in the death of at least 18 people as well as wounding dozens while Hamas militants sent 125 rockets into Israel. The angry Israel response stemmed from a rocket that struck a school bus. According to Hamas officials, “it was not known that the bus carried school children.” How could they possibly know a bus was painted a bright yellow–just like school buses in America– and could be seen from Gaza. Ironically, the rocket attacks allowed the Israel armed forces to experiment with a new anti-rocket system, Iron Dome, that turned out to be able to knock down at least eight of the rockets.

Israeli officials claimed they had received a phone call from Hamas-via the UN– and would be glad to halt attacks if Hamas agreed. At this point who cares as to which group fired the first shot. The people of Gaza deserve some peace and quiet and Israel mothers and fathers deserve to know when their child is on a school bus he/she will arrive at school in one piece.