Gaza On Our Mind

Events in Egypt stemming from the military crushing of the Muslim Brotherhood have impacted the people of Gaza. Since the Morsi government assumed control of the government, construction of tunnels into Gaza and business interaction with its inhabitants boomed. However, once the military sent Morsi to prison, it has also cracked down on the ruling Hamas. The Egyptian army regards Hamas as aiding militant groups in Egypt who have killed members of the armed forces as well as policemen. Gaza is slowly being strangled. People lack money and the price of goods is rapidly advancing. The plentiful supply of cheap Egyptian fuel is no longer available. The Egyptian army has destroyed over 800 tunnels leading into Gaza. Prices of goods have risen and people are unable to maintain their standard of living.

It is estmated over 15,000 construction jobs have been lost as money and materials dries up. The Hamas government has lost 30% of its income. People no longer have easy access to Egypt. People feel trapped and lacking any sense of freedom of movement. These are not good times for the people of Gaza. Perhaps,