Gaza On Our Minds, Again!

The leaders of Hamas have not learned a single thing from recent events in the Middle East in which people gained their rights by refusing to fire weapons of war. Success in Tunisia or Egypt or fights in Yemen for human rights are NOT being conducted by those who want to use violence. They rely on peaceful non-violence to force those in power to relinquish power and restore human rights. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a bully, a man who refuses to compromise, and a man who welcomes violence in order to gain support for his view that Muslims are violent people and thus must be prevented from unleashing that violence on the people of Israel. Unfortunately, for Palestinians, leaders of Hamas play right into the Netanyahu game of violence. Rockets have been coming from Gaza for weeks and Israel retaliated–as they always do– by killing militants in Gaza via plane attacks. Hamas then blundered by ordering mortar and rocket attacks on an Israel school bus! How much dumber can a group of leaders get??

They opened the door wide for Benjamin Netanyahu to present himself as the savior of the Jewish people when he warned that Hamas had “crossed the line” because “whoever tries to harm and murder children will pay with their lives.” He now assumes the seat of righteousness. It is unclear if Hamas leaders want to provoke Israel, whether they have lost control over militants in Gaza or whether they seek to have another invasion of Gaza by the Israel Defense Force.

Who knows what lurks in the hearts and minds of leaders of Hamas?