Gaza Opening-To Be Or Not To Be?

The Un Human Rights Council urged Israel to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip and made a long list of things the Israeli government could do in order to restore some semblance of order to the people of Gaza. However, there was no call on Hamas to ensure no more rockets fall on Israeli soil nor any demands that Hamas respect the rights of members of Fatah in the strip. An ongoing problem of UN groups is to view the situation through the lens of Hamas rather than recognizing it is an interactive process in which each side plays a role in keeping the conflict from being resolved.

Israel Foreign Minister Livni warned there would be no peace or end to the Gaza blockade unless there is a halt to rocket attacks into Israel. She went further to emphasize, “Israel cannot accept Hamas rule in Gaza.” Unfortunately, Israel can not dictate which group is in power within Gaza, but it can assist President Abbas by resolving the West Bank problem by evacuating the area.