Gaza Shifts To Protests Rather Than Rockets

Hamas ruled Gaza for years adopted a policy of defying Israel by sending thousands of rockets across the border fence where 99% never killed anyone or caused much damage. However, one outcome of these rocket attacks was the massive Israeli attack on Gaza which led to the death of hundreds and massive physical damage. The people of Gaza increasingly are attempting various forms of non-violence resistance such as marching, waving banners and refusing to fire weapons. Hamas leadership welcomes these approaches since they reinforce the determination of Palestinians to make certain Israel knows they will not surrender their dreams of an independent state.

Non-violence can only succeed if the people who have power also have a conscience and a belief in democratic ideas of government. The people of Israel DO believe in democracy and now Palestinians must shame them into acknowledging the violence inherent in building fences, driving Palestinians from their land and constructing houses in Palestinian areas.

Non-violence can succeed. It requires patience and fortitude.