Gazing And Walking On The Road To The Presidency

Governor Sarah Palin insists her ability on a clear day to see the shore of Russia has provided the potential vice president with extraordinary knowledge of the neighbor to the west. She also points out that Russian planes fly over Alaska every day which enables this far seeing political leader to gain a vast understanding of the Russian government. There is no question an occasional Russian diplomat is on these planes which means, unlike Barack Obama in Illinois, the Alaska politician has greater executive and diplomatic experience in an experiential way. Senator McCain in the presidential debate made clear he has traveled around the world and seen things that Obama has only read about in books, provided, of course that he actually has read a book on foreign affairs.

We live in interesting times when traveling to another country and seeing its terrain is somehow connected to understanding politics and diplomacy. Of course, by that definition any tourist can now claim the right to run for public office, particularly anyone who has been in Iran or Iraq. I suspect few of the McCain-Palin critics fully grasp that Sarah Palin not only sees Russia daily, but her intimate contact with God means she has the power to blast Russian planes out of the air merely be gazing upward.

It is unfortunate the Founding Fathers did not place in the list of requirements to qualify to run for president or vice president the need to be able to see other nations in the distance and have visited several foreign countries. There is no question if these valid requirements were in the Constitution, the Palin-McCain ticket would easily win the election. It is somewhat unfair that Joe Biden lives near the Atlantic Ocean and can not see any country in the distance. However, in fairness, he does see ships bound for other nations. I wonder if this also counts.