The streets of Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast are deserted, a few stray cats and dogs wandering about, smelling at the bodies of corpses and scurrying when the sound of guns echos in the air. People are huddled in homes, a few make a mad dash to find food or water, but most await the end of madness. Half burned tires are in the streets which are filled with uncollected garbage in a capital still dominated by the man who supposedly loved this country. Laurent Gbagbo has the ultimate death wish. Surrounded by French and soldiers loyal to the real president of the nation, he huddles in his residence awaiting the denouement of his life and his country. A few days a go, three generals requested a conversation about surrender, but it turned out to be a ploy which allowed Gbagbo more time to reinforce his concrete bunker which lies under his home.

Gbagbo is a former history teacher who simply is consumed by a belief that he alone must rule Ivory Coast and he would rather that the entire nation be reduced to rubble before he will admit defeat. Most probably, he will die in the ruins of his home unless there is final realization the fight is hopeless. This man has caused the deaths of hundreds and must stand trial if he survives the battle.