Geert Wilders Against Hate Laws

Geert Wilders, the provocative Dutch political leader who has been in the forefront of anti-Muslim activities came out strongly against any law which bans hate speech. In his address in Denmark, the firebrand stated bluntly: “Islam is not a religion. It’s a threat against everything we stand for.” This fighter for freedom of speech wants to close down all Muslim schools and mosques because people in those places do not speak the truth, or at least, the truth as viewed by Mr. Wilders. He told the audience at least 40% of British Muslims seek to introduce sharia law and a high percent of Muslims support the 9/11 attackers.

Mr. Wilders speaks eloquently in support of freedom of speech, but for some reason he does not wish to allow Muslims to have freedom of speech. Undoubtedly, he is not a supporter of the “wrong free speech,” and prefers the government should make clear what is “the right free speech” and the “wrong free speech.” Of course, isn’t that what governments are trying to do with hate speech laws?