Geert Wilders Fights For Freedom Of Speech!

Right wing politician Geert Wilders opposes the rights of Muslims, but he has now posed himself as a champion of the right of free speech. He has hired a top notch lawyer, Brian Moszkowicz, to defend him before the nation’s higher judicial body in an attempt to squash an attempt by the Amsterdam appeals court that he be tried for insulting Mulsims and describing the Koran as “the Islamic Mein Kampf.” Wilders argues he has the right to say anything he desires either inside or outside of Parliament and this attempt to place him on trial is a blow to those who seek to speak things not desired by the majority. Actually, the Amsterdam appeals court ignored a decision by the public prosecutor who refused to take legal action against the Dutch member of Parliament.

It is unclear as to whether the Dutch high court will intervene in this case. The major mistake made in this situation was the decision of the Amsterdam appeals court to intervene and try placing Wilders on trial. A trial is actually what he desires since it would present him with a public platform to pose as a defender of free speech. Free speech means those we oppose have a right to shout anything they desire as long as they do not pose a direct threat to the safety of others by their words. Wilders should be encouraged to rant on about his hatred of Muslims. All he does is make even those not sympathetic to Muslims to rush to their defense.

  • Anonymous

    Do you truly believe Geert Wilders wants to be put on trial? He says he was shocked by the decision to prosecute him, and whatever you may think of the man, he is not a liar.

    Ah yes, Muslims and their “rights”. Why is it these always seem to be based on the will to shape society according to their views, opinions and believes? And why is it they never seem to be satisfied until they get what they want; usually privileges. It is always Dutch\Western civilization\values\rules that has to give way whenever there is a conflict.

    Most annoyingly, Muslims will tolerate just about anything from their “brothers and sisters”, while attacking “infidels” for anything and everything.

    None of the loud-mouthed hypocritical fuckers and “Muslim rights groups” behind the complaints that led to the upcoming court case, have spoken out against the Muhammadans calling for the Jews to be gassed in recent demonstrations. Oh no, no, no, these bastards don’t mind that one bit.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I respect the right of Wilders to say what he wishes and I respect the right of Muslims to say what they wish.

  • http://none Veronica

    I agree with the first comment-the Muslims seem to think they should have all the respect , while they give absolutely none. They storm into a country, set up housekeeping and insist we answer to their demands , which usually have something to do with religion . The trouble is, their religious rules are incompatible with our Democratic rules and laws in the free world.

    Is the truth really permissable ? Okay, if it is , hear this : the people of the free world; the West and Europe, are SICK of the Muslim thing. The Islamics constantly impose themselves and everybody is suposed to smile and approve. Geert Wilders probably speaks for most of the public. They are too afraid to speak out themselves.