Geert Wilders Gains In Polls

If history is any guide we can expect to witness the rise of angry right wing groups as the economic crisis becomes even more severe. In times of financial worry, people seek to identify causes for their misfortune and it is always easier to blame the stranger who invariably is the recent group to arrive in a society. A recent opinion poll indicates if parliamentary elections were held next week in the Netherlands, right wing anti-Muslim fanatic Geert Wilders would emerge as leader of the largest party in parliament. He would win 27 seats in the 150 seat body as opposed to the nine his party currently holds. His popularity has risen since an Amsterdam court decided to try him for his anti-Muslim comments and he received even more exposure when Great Britain banned him from entry in the county.

Last week, the Dutch right winger winged his way to the United States to show his anti-Muslim film and few in Congress bothered to see it or him. The American media ignored his presence which only goes to show that ignoring people like Wilders is a more effective tool than giving him the stage on which to strut his nutty ideas before the world.