Geert Wilders Gets Going Against Judges

Geert Wilders is an angry man who believes his beloved Netherlands is being over-run by Islamic terrorists who will change the composition of the country and transform it into a center of violence. After being charged with inciting hate, Wilders struck back and demanded any judge who accused him should be removed from the bench. “I have said what I have said and I will not take one word back.”He argues that freedom of speech allows him to hate anyone who he desires to hate. In the spirit of freedom of speech, we agree Mr. Wilders has the right to spread his inane hate because hate can not be halted by placing people on trial. Hate will end when each individual assumes responsibility to end the cycle of hate and violence.

However, we wonder why if Mr. Wilders is concerned about his nation being over-run by violent people why he does not demand the expulsion of all those of German origin. After all, when it comes to violence, hate and threats to the existence of democratic societies, which nation surpasses Nazi Germany?