Geert Wilders–Go Home With Your Headscarves!

I am old enough to remember anger in the 1960s against Americans who wore long hair and dressed in old sloppy clothes because to some staunch patriots such attire and hair style violated the very foundation of the republic. Geert Wilders has a similar attitude in his native Netherlands where he shouts and rants and goes berserk when Muslim women put on their headscarves. He apparently takes a woman having a headscarf on her head as not only attacking all Dutch women but posing some form of terrorism. He wants new legislation that bans wearing this garment in government offices or any institution or club which “gets even one cent of council money.”

When asked if it is OK for a Jewish male to wear a skull cap or for a Catholic to display a cross the man with a fiery mouth against wearing things says that is OK because they represent Dutch symbols and culture. Lost in this man’s anger is some sort of logic.

Has Geert ever thought of trying to make out with Sarah Palin? They would readily have a meeting of deranged minds.