Geert Wilders Is The Problem, Not The Solution!

Geert Wilders who heads the anti-Muslim Freedom Party in the Netherlands obtained a significant number of votes in local elections by spouting fear and hatred. According to the man who never met a Muslim he could trust, “Today Almere and the Hague, tomorrow the whole of the Netherlands. Either intentionally or not, these words are almost exactly what Adolf Hitler spouted in claiming today, Germany, tomorrow the world. He is an honest man who says what he thinks and what he thinks is that Muslim women have no right to wear the niqab or headscarves and all Muslims should abandon the Koran and pick up a nice Christian Bible. The German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung warned “If nothing happens to prevent it, the PVV will get the highest or second highest number of votes in the June parliamentary elections. That is bad news for the Netherlands.”

The Conservative Die Welt feared “things that happen in the Netherlands trend to repeat themselves in other western European countries..” Are we witnessing a pan-European movement that will result in the European Union presenting itself as a bulwark against Muslim nations? For some German newspapers such as Handelsblatt, “for decades, the Netherlands has enjoyed a reputation for having an especially open and tolerant society” and does that mean those values are under attack in Europe and doomed to survive?