Geert Wilders, Man Alone Defending World

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders regards himself as the man whose hand is in the dike preventing Muslims from overflowing into western lands. Geert has a new book: “Marked For Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.” As the title indicates, the entire western world depends upon this Dutch superman for protection against the horde of Muslims clamoring to get into the West and force Sharia law upon them.  Of course, Geert insists the book is a solid historical analysis dealing with the dangers of Islam to the world.

We recommend that Geert hook up with New Gingrich since both regard themselves as “scholars” and “historians.” Newt the other day insisted the Founding Fathers would support the idea of our president sending federal marshals to lock up judges whose decisions did not accord with those of the president. Anyway, I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing that Geert has his finger in the dike and no bad Muslim will come to my house and kill me.

  • han spy

    What dike you mean? But to put Geert with Newt wil decrease Newt run for office with And for protection you dont need Geert, He walks already many years with bodyguards bc he seems not able to protect himselfe. But he is not so great as ppl like to believe or he pretends. Most votes he got are protest votes.And he is an ”gedoog”(tolerated) party. Not realy big impact in oure politics. And his books are also not realy known for providing solutions, more an row problems we already know. But always ppl that like those books. To bad, but its freedom to. Thats why what Egypt did is so dum. Ignoring is much better than reaction. And the Egypt GOV is also not in any position to say something oure ppl publish. They better concentrate on there own problems. Let they show how free they are about religion and freedom . Til now its not realy looking so great.And than telling oure GOV how bad that book is looks not only stupid , it is stupid.