Gen. Franks Frankly A Liar!

General Tommy Franks who played a key role in the George Bush fiasco in Iraq opposes making military decisions based on political concerns. “If we take action both in Afghanistan and Iraq based on what is politically viable then we’re making the wrong decisions.” Of course, during planning stages of the war in Iraq, then General Shinseki warned about the lack of sufficient troops on the ground, but “General” Rumsfeld knew more than an experienced field officer. And, who  backed up Rumsfeld? The name was Franks.

Of course, Franks still maintains “what we did in the first place and in fact that was to removed a sanctuary where people President George Bush  referred to an evildoers could plan our demise with impunity.” Huh!

1. There were no members of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Saddam Hussein hated them.

2. There were no WMD in Iraq.

3. The Iraq army was a joke as well as being demralized.

4. So how and with what could Saddam plan our “demise??”

General Franks is a damn liar!