Gender Discrimination?

I increasingly have become disturbed at the non-stop media stories about Herman Cain and his escapades with women and conflicts with Rick Perry. Lost in this media blitz is any concern for  poor Michele Bachmann who has been left behind. Is it  because she is a woman? Ann Coulter recently commented that “our Republican blacks are better than Democratic blacks,” but she did not utter a more important point, “our Republican women are better than Democratic women!” Why have Republican women been left out of the media?

Let’s face it, when it comes to knowing less about world affairs, Michele Bachmann does not have to take a back seat to the Republican black guy. OK so she never ran a pizza place, but she was a lawyer. Oh, I forgot, among modern Republicans being a lawyer is less important than knowing how to make pizza.

My advice to Michele: get a job in a pizza place. Have an affair with some guy(preferably black or Asian so you can cite multicultural issues) and make certain the media learns all about it. The bottom line is that it guarantees at least several days of media coverage.