Gender Equity–Get Them On CO Boards

In theory the long road leading to gender equity should have led to changes in who sits on Boards of Directors of major firms, but, alas, there is no evidence of such achievements. Less than 3% of German Boards of Directors contain a single member of the female race. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who heads the government just doesn’t think  it fair to force business leaders into making necessary gender change and insists we ASK businessmen, not force them into changes.

Statistics released by the Organization of European Cooperation and Development reveal that in Germany women earn 21.6% less than their male counterparts. The average in OECD nations is 16%. Naturally, conservatives argue making legal gender equity is the first step down the road of economic disaster. In America, we FORCED integration. There are times when the rule of equity makes bigots unhappy.  So, let’s have some bad news for gender equity bigots!