Gender Inequality OK

Mitt Romney and members of the Tea Party can sleep peacefully tonight because in Germany an attempt was beaten back that would have mandated female membership on Board of Directors. The proposed law would require that any German corporation have a legal gender quota that ensures women are represented on boards of directors. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) beat back efforts by Social Democrats to bring democracy to the world of corporations. The CDU and Greens wanted at least 30% of Board seats held by women.

Ah, I can hear complaints about things not being fair since how does society know there are sufficient numbers of women qualified for such work? Mitt Romney was not a woman, Mitt Romney got money and contacts and aid by his millionaire dad  that ensured once out of college, he was headed straight for the top. Or, George Bush got a legacy entry into the Ivy League. When wealthy kids get preference it is not affirmative action, just law of life in action.