Gender Inequity Continues Plaguing Turkey

The Turkish government has attempted over the past decades to re-evaluate policies towards women equality and despite some attempts, latest world ranking do not portray Turkey as among the advanced nations in the world which deal with gender equity. A Global Gender Gap report published by the World Economic Forum, ranked Turkey 129th out of 134 countries which is hardly a symbol of progress. Turkey ranked 110th in education attainment for women, 130 in economic participation and 107th in political empowerment. A surprising figure noted that while Turkish women had a 24% employment rate in 2008, it has dropped to 22 percent in 2009. Selma Acuner of the European Women’s Lobby believes Turkish women are directed to low paying jobs and few have opportunities to become involved in new entrepreneur opportunities.

Acuner also believes the low participation in politics stems from the need for Turkish women to remain at home caring for children. Ironically, at present 95.7% of Turkish girls attend school. This suggests women are being educated but something happens between securing education and becoming engaged in the work economy.