Throughout human history the practice of infanticide has been common in virtually all societies. Historically, this meant killing female babies or male babies that appeared weak. A popular assumption was boys would grow up to take over the family farm and thus be in a position to help his elderly parents while girls would be married off and thus of no assistance to members of her family. China and India are currently witnessing a Gendercide of revolutionary proportions due to modern medical technology. It is possible to get an ultra sound which reveals the baby’s sex and thousands of people in China and India are using the information in order to abort female babies. It is estimated during the past few decades in India about 12 million female foetusus were systematically aborted. Latest statistics from India reveal there are 7.1 million fewer females under the age of seven than males. If the first child in an Indian family is a girl, figures reveal 836 girls to 1000 boys will be born in the next pregnancy.

In olden days, the baby was simply left on a hill to die. Today, the baby is not allowed to be born, simply aborted.