General Bachmann In Charge

General Michele Bachmann, who has fought in many battles for the rights of the unborn has decided to employ her vast military experience in handling Iran which is engaged in developing a nuclear program. If she becomes president, Michele promised to place Patriot missiles on alert and use them in order to take out any Iranian nuclear weapons. Sounds like an interesting program. Of course:

1. Thousands of missiles from Lebanon under the control of Hezbollah would be fired at Israel  and Israel would return the fire.

2. Riots would break out all over the Muslim world, even in nations which hate Iran.

3. The Iraq government would offer aid and assistance to fellow Shiite Iran.

4. Since Israel is under attack from Lebanon it would invade that country.

5. President Bashar al-Assad, in order to gain support from his people, would offer to aid Iran.

Yes, GENERAL BACHMANN, you are almost as good as Napoleon invading Russia!