General Hafter Hates Terrorists

One would assume that if the United States encountered an enemy of fundamentalist terrorists it would lend a hand in his efforts to wipe out these folk. But, this is the year, 2014, a decade after America’s initial effort to bring peace and democracy to the Middle East via the road of war. President Obama, just like millions of Americans is tired of having anything to do with this area of the world if the issue concerns use of military force. General Khalia Hafter was born in Libya and escaped to the US when he came in conflict with its dictator, Gaddafi. He has returned to Libya and now heads a force whose goal is to wipe out Islamic terrorist groups like Ansar al-Sharia. He has gained the support of many members of the Libyan army who seek creation of a secular society.

General Hafter was the target of suicide bombers but they failed. A State Department spokesperson made clear the current Obama administration does not seek to get involved in Libya. “We have not had contact with him(Hafter). We do not condone or support his actions.” OK, so there is a group in Libya that seeks creation of a secular society, and the United States does not seek to have any connection with it. I wish someone would explain what exactly is American policy in Libya other than “we have no policy?”