General McChyrstal In The Dock

General McChrystal is gone along with his toady sycophant officers who regard their leader as the only one knowing how to win in Afghanistan. Reality is there is scant evidence tactics employed by him have led to any serious weakening of Taliban forces. Initial reports from US soldiers in the field is glee and happiness the man they blame for the wrong tactics is finally relieved of command. He was upset because Obama officials expressed concern about the Karzai government, he was upset because promised troops were not yet in Afghanistan, he was upset because the president did not display the right attitude when talking with him, in a word, the general was upset.

Frankly, the issue is not this or that general’s ideas. The issue has always centered on the ability of the Karzai government to win the support of its people. If there is no effective government, even Napoleon would have difficult winning in this environment. It is time for the Obama administration to confront reality and respond to a simple question: Is it possible for defeat the Taliban without dramatic changes in the Afghan government?

  • Eric

    “toady sycophant officers ”

    Sounds a lot more like Team Obama than McChrystal’s Team America.