General Morsi, I Presume

Mohamed Morsi is the current president of Egypt. He came to power in an election that would be most equivalent to that of George Bush in 2000. Prior to his ascendancy to the presidency and during his tenure, members of the Egyptian military beat, assaulted  women and denied medical care to those they beat the hell out of. There is overwhelming evidence the military abused human rights. But, when you are an incompetent bumbler who has no idea how to govern a modern society, the fear is those military officers will eventually turn on you. So, what does General Morsi inform the world? “An insult against the armed forces is an insult against us, and we reject any kind of insult.” So there!

He denied any abuse of human rights by the armed forces. He literally hugged these thugs who beat and killed fellow Egyptians. Of course, Morsi thinks Jews are apes and pigs, but those who behave like apes and pigs, are simply doing their job.