General Motors Has Rights!

There are times when decent people have to take an unpopular stand when it entails actions by our oppressive government which seeks to destroy our basic American rights! We offer a defense of the General Motors corporation which has spent its history in a fight for the right of Americans to drive what they desire, where they desire, and without any interference on the part of the American government. It is also now clear since the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, that GM leaders will invoke their religious belief views to prevent the Federal government from imposing laws requiring car safety. The issue of car safety is one that is decided by those who design, manufacture and sell cars. Once GOVERNMENT can order businessmen to adhere to safety rules, what follows–taking over the companies and ending free enterprise in our great land??

OK, so GM has recalled a mere 29 million cars, OK, so GM has recalled this year about 5.23 million car due to some exaggerated charge about faulty ignition switches. So what. This is America! This is the land of FREE ENTERPRISE. This is the land in which those who run a business do NOT have to adhere to the rules of GOVERNMENT–just check with the US Supreme Court. All the leaders of GM have to do is invoke their religious freedom rights and ignore safety as defined by the GOVERNMENT. As GM points out, “the fatal crashes occurred in older made full-size sedans being recalled for inadvertent ignition key rotation. There is no conclusive evidence that the defect condition caused these crashes.”

Please note this was an “inadvertent” problem. There was no Original Intention to make a mistake. According to Justice Scalia, if the Original Intention was OK then you must adhere to the Original Intention. Anyway, these are Christian men and women so they are not bound by any GOVERNMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS. GOD BLESS GM!!

Next time, purchase a car that is safe. If you decide to purchase a car with defects, then it is YOUR fault for dying!