General Odierno Blames Iran For Iraq Violence

On the last day of American occupation of Iraq cities four American soldiers were killed in Iraq. General Ray Odierno places blame for much of violence in Iraq on the head of Iran. “Iran is still supporting, funding and training surrogates, who operate inside Iraq.” He complained they have refused to stop and he saw no prospect of their halting these attacks. There is no question that Iran plays a hand in Iraq violence, but to only look in that direction for an explanation of ongoing killing misses the point that, when all is said and done, Iraqis do not need Iran to kill one another. Prime Minister Maliki has done a terrible job of integrating Sunni Awakening Councils into the military and in so doing strengthens the ability of al-Qaeda to secure new recruits.

Ironically, the Iraq government has welcomed aid from Iran, most probably on the assumption they can control what happens in their country. Given the current instability within Iran we can expect more violence in Iraq as the struggle within the Iranian government plays out.