General Ordierno- Things Getting Better

General Ordierno, who plays an important role in the “surge” operation claims casualties are down in the Baghdad area but not enough to meet goals. “What we do know is that there has been a decline in civilian casualties but I would say it is not at the level we want it to be.” He believes only about five or six Baghdad districts are still the scene of violent actions.

There never was a doubt placing additional American military forces in Baghdad would reduce terrorist activities. American political leaders continue to ignore the real purpose of any “successful” military operation — creating conditions for the emergence of a strong and powerful civilian leadership. The reduction in violence within Baghdad also stems from “ethnic cleansing” activities by Shiites who have driven out thousands of Sunnis and taken over their properties. Anti-American forces have merely temporarily left Baghdad and gone into other areas of Iraq awaiting America’s eventual retreat from certain areas of Iraq. Guerrillas never remain clustered in specific areas, they are mobile and go where they can conduct operations.