“General” Palin Has National Guard Problems

Sarah Palin has repeatedly boasted of her leadership of the Alaska National Guard as evidence of her ability to command and lead. Unfortunately, latest reports indicate the National Guard that she leads has so many personnel shortages that its aviation unit has become among the most unreliable in the nation. Six months ago, General Craig Campbell warned in an internal memo that due to personnel issues “missions are at risk” and the lack of qualified airmen has reached “the crisis level.” The situation has somewhat improved, but General Campbell fears there will be “burnout” of those serving due to extraordinary demands on their time. Governor Palin has insisted she handles great responsibilities in heading the vast Alaska Nation Guard which consists of 3,800 troops.

Actually, General Campbell blamed the low level of personnel a result of “leadership issues” and urged a more aggressive recruiting and retention program. Governor Palin is correct in one respect in her boasting about the Alaska National Guard. The fact it only has 84% of its assigned positions gives it the lowest rating in the nation.

Perhaps, if Sarah Palin was not out shooting moose or going to hockey matches she might devote some time ensuring the Alaska National Guard attained levels of proficiency necessary to be an effective unit.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems Mark

    I can understand why Sarah Palin has National Guard problems with a rogue General like Campbell in charge. He is a liar and despicable. He leads by intimidation and fear–fear of retaliation if a Guardsman speaks up for justice and has integrity. He has no integrity.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems Jeff

    Mark, you are right on. General Campbell is a rogue general.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems Elizabeth

    Mark and Jeff are both right about General Campbell. He received an unprecedented and undeserved promotion to three-star rank. What a travesty. He espouses leadership but the truth is that he forces true leaders our and surrounds himself with people who can’t outshine him. He retaliated against my brother who stood up to him for principles and Campbell has held a grudge ever since then.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems Braveheart

    Mark, Jeff, and Elizabeth are all right on about this guy. His phony promotion will only benefit him (Campbell), who will trumpet his new rank. It will not help further the cause of the Alaska National Guard or its loyal and now outraged members.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems J.D.

    I don’t know of anyone who has anything good to say about General Campbell except maybe his mother. He is despicable–period!!!!

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems John

    General Campbell isn’t the only culprit. General Kactus is also a rogue general. They are both so into themselves and Guardsmen have a genuine fear of retribution and retaliation. It isn’t the best conditions to work under. Morale is at an all time low. These Generals aren’t leaders but self proclaimed politicians. From a distressed Guardsman

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems Jeff

    The problems in the Alaska National Guard do not lie with just one person. The Guard is poorly manned but the Guardsmen continue to do an outstanding job. The problems lie with the Governor, LT. Governor, and the Generals. They would like to pass the blame around but ultimately it is theirs. However,the National Guard primarily exists to support the state under the direction of the GOVERNOR. However, General Campbell has the control and he is a rogue general. So the debate continues.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/general-palin-has-national-guard-problems The Phantom

    I am not finished with you yet Campbell or Kacass. You two are both politicians first and foremost. The Alaska National Guard is at its lowest morale in years because of the self promoting and political positioning. There are so many injustices, it’s no wonder morale is low and so is retention. Your sorry asses should be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for a year.