General Petraeus Admits Taliban Success

We soon will enter the ninth year of war in Afghanistan with limited indications the situation in improving. On Monday, Tablian forces conducted a series of coordinated attacks in the heart of Kabul against major installations. General Petraeus, commander of US Central Command acknowledged Taliban militants knew what they were doing and increasingly are displaying sophistication in their attacks. “What you saw on Monday was indeed some of the extremists elements showing the resilience and indeed a degree of sophistication in carrying out simultaneous attacks.” If the situation if not improving after eight years, what should we expect in the coming months?

Petraeus also let slip his concern about the impact on American soldiers of being on a fourth deployment. The United States wants to conduct wars, but it does not wish to accept responsibility for what fighting wars requires–more soldiers on the ground. The Taliban will not be defeated by a hundred or thousand drone attacks, it takes soldiers and where will they come from?