General Petraeus Offers Faint Praise For Obama

Americans have a propensity to seek a military leader when things go wrong, and each time they succeed, the result is uncertain. The Republican party lacks an overwhelming choice for its presidential candidate in 2012 and many in Congress cast their eyes on the bedecked chest of medals that adorn the jacket of General David Petraeus. The commander of forces in the Middle East was testifying before a Senate committee regarding the situation in Afghanistan and just as Senator McCain posed a question, Petraeus collapsed of fatigue. After several minutes he resumed testifying and when asked about the desirability of a timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan, he hesitated, pursed his lips and said: “In a perfect world, Mr. Chairman, we have to be very careful with timelines.” This suggest a difference of opinion between the general and his commander-in-chief, President Obama.

Republicans may well decide to select a man on a white horse to save them from an idiot who chants, “drill, baby, drill.” However, it is doubtful how many Americans will vote for a general who only promises years and years of war in Afghanistan. We hope the Republican party selects General Petraeus because that will ensure election of Barack Obama.