General Sarah Palin Explains Military Policy

General Sarah Palin won her rank in the wilds of Alaska where she challenged deer and bear and squirrels who are noted for their aggressive attitude toward enemies. There are reports of incidents in which turtles snapped too loudly at the woman general and were shortly dispatched to turtle heaven. I realize liberal “SOCIALISTS” who have never walked the dangerous paths of Alaska are at heart, cowards and pacifists. They lack the noble spirit of the warrior who ventures into combat with dreams of wiping out thousands of gooks or Japs or any of those who lack the American womanly spirit. General Sarah is upset because President Obama has signed a treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear warheads. She insists this is the first time in history when an American president made such a reduction in our armed forces. Of course, her hero, Ronald Reagan urged a one third reduction in nuclear weapons–oops, that it the same number suggested by Obama.

She is also upset the president will not use nuclear weapons unless they are absolutely necessary. According to General Palin: “It’s unbelievable” and to her it is similar to a kid saying, “Go ahead, punch me. I’m not going to retaliate.” During the Cuba Missile Crisis of 1962, President Kennedy rejected the advice of a few generals who wanted to use nuclear weapons. Richard Nixon engaged in nuclear discussions with the Soviet Union.

As President Obama responded to the Alaska general: “Last time I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” He also pointed out the Secretary of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed with his policies.