Generals Blast Dick Cheney!

Former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak and former commander of the Central Command, General Joseph P. Hoar, blasted the views of former vice president Dick Cheney on the topic of torturing prisoners. They were sharply critical of Cheney’s attitude toward “enhanced interrogation techniques.” The officers wrote an editorial in the Miami Herald to denounce interrogation techniques that Cheney thought were proper and made humorous remarks about waterboarding and physical discomfort strategies.

According to the two generals, “what leaders say matters. So when it comes to light as it did recently, that US interrogators staged mock executions and held a whirling electric drill close to the body of a naked, hooded detainee, and the former vice president winks and nods it matters.”

A basic problem related to torture of prisoners is that those in charge who winked and nod knew nothing about serving in their nation’s armed forces and obtained their ideas concerning interrogation from 24 episodes. To those who risk their lives in the service of the United States of America, the Geneva Convention is a serious document, not a laughing matter.